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Carol Mell  | Studio #13  |  6509 Caballero Pkwy NW     email Carol     (575) 770-0743

Carol Mell grew up in wild Oregon where she played in a natural world of imagination; where trees, sturgeon, squirrels and whales spoke. In a twist of fate, she earned a BFA in Dance from The Juilliard School.

Injury forced her to continue her creative journey through writing and photography. She began mounting her digital and photographic images on panel and painting with beeswax and oils in 2015.

During the dark days of the pandemic she hung up her camera and began to paint freely, abstractly with cold wax medium and oils. Though the process of painting intuitively was meant to be a vehicle for pouring out stress, anger and grief; what emerged on her canvases were creatures of playfulness and fun. Her paintings explore the deep sources of love and connection we each carry within. She continues to explore hot and cold beeswax paintings that spring from her inner life. These unique paintings represent perfect hours in the sun and rain in a world created for healing and joy. She exhorts her fans, collectors and friends to “Follow the Dirt Road in Your Soul.”


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