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Carolyn Berry  |  Studio #14   |  921 Fairway Rd NW     email Carolyn   (785) 691-5106

As I walk around the world, I am compelled to pick up objects or photograph subjects that catch my attention especially eroded or decaying surfaces and natural forms. No matter what medium I am working in most of my imagery involves layering. I often combine digital photography effects, collage, drawing and painting in my art practice. Aspects of nature, cycles of life, vintage papers and photographs are starting points for my compositions even if they are abstract. I choose to add paint, encaustic wax or cold wax to pieces depending on the amount of layering, transparency or surface texture needed to achieve the emotional impact that I am looking for. My art can be seen at the Encaustic Art Institute in Cerrillos, NM, the New Mexico Art League, and the Unrepentant Artist in Fairplay, CO.

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