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Doreen Garten  |  Studio #2   |   544 Golden Meadow Dr NW     email Doreen  (505)414-1588

As a silversmith, I design and hand sculpt simple, clean lines of jewelry that are wearable art and yet comfortable. I primarily work with sterling silver employing texture and color for effect.

For balance, pieces may be accented with gold, brass, copper, glass, and/or a unique stone. It’s important to me that the stones and metal work in harmony. In other words, I want to be guided by intuition rather than by conscious effort.

Every part of the jewelry piece is planned visually to create something that may appear simple but is beautiful and engages the wearers intrigue.

There are occasions when I abandon all convention. The elements are chosen based on the visual effect they will have within the overall composition of the piece.

And, as we are concerned about our environment, we try not to use harsh chemicals in the creating of jewelry.

I have always enjoyed looking closely at the people, objects, buildings and the natural world around us, and often find that something within that larger picture tells its own story in miniature. Pulling that smaller image out of the whole enables me to create unique pieces.

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