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Liz Fritzsche  |  Studio #7  |  6715 Guadalupe Tr NW    email Liz   ( 505)331-8271

Liz makes dinnerware. She works daily in the studio throwing stoneware bowls, plates, serving ware and mugs in the same style as her thrown porcelain. Her dinnerware is light and thin, then dipped in multiple homemade glaze colors to bring joy to everyday life. This makes her happy.

Liz’s ceramic work combines her joy of living with her desire to push the clay material to its limits. As an artist-in-residence in Japan and later in China Liz developed a unique personal style of work by observing a variety of methods and exploring a broad spectrum of materials and tools used in Asian ceramics.

Liz creates thinly thrown fine porcelain vessels with black graphic marks. She makes grand porcelain vases, 3 feet tall that carve space with their form. She casts iron sculptures that juxtapose disparate ideas, and resonate with the viewer. And Liz makes dinnerware: ramen bowls, berry bowls, soup bowls, salad bowls, plates, mugs, platters and serving dishes.

Her dinnerware and her fine porcelain vases will be available at the North Valley Studio Tour.

Liz has spent her life teaching art to kids and working in her North Valley studio. It is a blessed life. Her cast iron sculpture and porcelain vessels are shown in invitational shows and public collections in New Mexico, Japan, and China. She sells her dinnerware at the Downtown Grower’s Market a few times a month.

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