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Mark Levin  |  Studio #3  |  125 Mountain Park Place NW, Ste D     email Mark     (505)490-9048

The departure point for my furniture and sculpture is the delineation of the silhouette. I visualize the piece not in wood but in a monolithic, black material. If the form is commanding in this black garb, it will be even more potent when endowed with wood.

construct work from solid wood because it lends itself to the sculptural process while reinforcing my design approach. Solid wood has more virility and intrinsic value than veneer. It’s the difference between gold-plated and solid gold.

Creations begin with the imagination. Thinking about them, dwelling on them while hiking, and finally brokering the idea to paper. My work is derived from natural and man-made forms that please me. These include leaves, flowers, butterflies, the feminine form, automobiles, machinery, architecture, and music.

Executing and fabricating the work is anything but instinctual; where some designs take years to reveal themselves, others appear within the first rendition. There can be no room for error due to the preciousness of the materials and the hours that each piece demands. The creative process is deliberate, starting with sketches, cross-section drawings, and scale models. The construction of the piece is equally methodical and exacting.


The finale comes with the application of the finish that ingrains a mellifluous dynamic in the work, like a musical passage that weaves melodic filigree out of molten steel.
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