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Risa Taylor  |  Studio #17  |  2904 Arno St NE     email Risa    (505) 463-1114

I left Atlanta, Georgia in a tiny, hot car and drove west. In Denver, I turned left and followed I-25 south. I remember seeing the Sandia Mountains to the east and thinking that they could literally and figuratively always keep me headed in the right direction. It must have been October, because the next morning revealed an intensely deep blue sky and 100s of balloons in the air. I found work and friends within intersecting communities of painters, political activist, poets, writers, students and outdoor enthusiasts. Albuquerque became home.

In 2016, I retired from a second career as a Speech Language Pathologist. The last seven years have passed too quickly as I eagerly painted endless “brush miles” pursuing my dream of being an artist. Much of my work is started in Plein Air and finished in my home studio. Both oil and acrylic paints are used to create dynamic, color filled canvases that convey the strength of my relationship with New Mexico’s landscapes and its spectacularly grand vistas. My truth is that I love every part of the process of painting New Mexico.

Colorist painters, Expressionist painters and Canada’s Group of 7 remain primary influences to my artistic path. My work is frequently included in local and regional art events and I am forever grateful that my paintings are being enjoyed in collectors’ homes throughout the United States. Being named as “A Local Treasure” by ABQ ART Business Association is one of my proudest moments.

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